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Year 1 Covid ArchivE-Google Meet

When asked about their experiences of the COVID pandemic and lockdown, the children in Year 1 remember logging on to daily Google Meet calls to learn remotely. Both children at home and those who were in school as key worker children, took part in lessons online every day . Lessons generally focused on Phonics, English and Maths although other work was set via Google Classroom. ‘Turn on/ off your mike, please!’ was a very common phrase!!

Thoughts on Google Meets by 1MC


"Google Meets were really fun" - Yanis 

"I liked Google Meets"- Hassan

"It was like I was in 29 other houses!"- Bailey Rose

"It was a bit strange... espeically when people used the under the sea background! - Reem

" It was wierd... school was in my house and it was non-uniform day, every day!" - Beronika 

" Sometimes the screen would 'glitch' when the screen was shared" - Winnie