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The Millennium Mosaic

At last, over the autumn half term, the Millennium Mosaic has been laid as the central feature of the newly developed path from Hoylake Crescent.  The mosaic is in two parts, a central section and an outside circle of thirty-two panels.  Since earlier art for the playground had had a watery theme, we decided the new work would focus on the second of the four elements, 'fire'.  Early in the summer term all the children in the school were asked to prepare designs.  Later in the term Mike Shadbolt, from Groundwork Thames Valley, worked with Year 6 to prepare the thirty-two mosaic panels.  These were expertly done and had been on show in the entrance lobby before the summer holiday.  Over the summer Mike worked on the central section, a wonderful fiery dragon!  The whole project has been much more difficult than originally envisaged but, as these photographs show, the finished work is really stunning.  We look forward to arranging a time to invite back the previous Year 6 to celebrate the completion of the project.  We are particularly grateful to the Parents' Association who made available funds for the design and construction of the mosaic.

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