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In 1993/94 the Local Education Authority took the decision to rebuild two double and two single classroom units then positioned on the Infant School playground. 
The oldest of these units, the ‘Green Hut’ dated back to 1949. 
Generally, all four units were in a poor state of repair. 

Detailed planning took place during the Spring and Summer terms. For the new unit of seven classrooms to be in place by the start of the 1994 Autumn Term demolition work needed to take place during the closing weeks of the old school year. 3B, 3S/M and the two Infant School classes all came into the main building for the last full week, much of the classroom materials having been previously packed into crates. Mr Barber’s class came into the hall, while Mrs Slade and Mrs Miller crowded their 20 pupils into the music room. Their classrooms were demolished during the weekend of the 16/17 July. The situation was complicated by the presence of asbestos, especially in the two-class Infant unit. This was carefully removed before the complete removal of the buildings.

The following pages document the events of the summer, from the use of the rooms by the classes prior to demolition through to the start of the new term (Autumn 1994) and the opening of ‘Woodlands’.