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The Staff

In 1998 the school updated its display board with the photographs of the current members of staff.  
These photographs are taken by pupils from Year 6.  Below are some of the pictures used that year.

Dr. Rutter

Mrs Slade and 3S

Miss Hiles and 3H

Mrs Terry and 3T

Mrs Stevens and 4S

Mrs Sims and 4S

Mr. Spencer and 4S

Mrs Davonport and 4D

Mrs A. Walker

Miss Copland and 5CJ

Miss Coburn and 5C

Mrs Jiwa and 6J

Mrs Smith and 6S

Mrs Cummings and 6B

Miss Burns and 6B

Mrs Girdlestone

Mrs Saunders

Mrs Lipscombe

Mrs Baker

Mrs Shaw

Mr Hallam

Mrs Brady

Mrs Robinson

Mrs Pulling

Mrs Carstairs

Mrs Wymes

Mrs Smyth

Miss Brenton

Mrs Wright

Mrs Robak

Mrs Seely

Mr Hockney 

Mr Thomas