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Father Christmas

On Monday 20 December 1999, as children were out in the playground during the lunch play, a helicopter was seen heading towards the school field.  What could this mean?

Guess the joy and excitement as Father Christmas, though a little blown about by the helicopter blades, sprang out and rushed to greet Miss Weaving and the children in the Infant School.  Within no time he had disappeared into the school followed by 250 or so eager children (and staff!).  Later, watched by all, he reappeared and, escorted by his pilot (loaned, we understand, by the RAF), climbed into his helicopter which quickly soared into the sky.  We are all grateful, of course, that Father Christmas was able to take time off from his extremely busy pre-Christmas preparations in the North, and trust that he was able to meet the Christmas Eve deadline.  Our reporter sent in the following pictures as a souvenir of the happy occasion.