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Sports Day

The Gazette of 5 July 1957 carried a picture of the 'catch the train' race as part of the Sports Day on Ickenham Green:

It also carried this very full description of the day:

Cheered on their mums and dads

Although the pupils of Breakspear School, Ickenham, showed plenty of athletic prowess at their school sports last week the big attraction of the afternoon, for the pupils, at least, were the races for their mothers and fathers.

Most of the events for the pupils were novelty races with eggs, spoons, sacks, etc. included as additional handicaps, but for the parents it was two straightforward sprints.

Mr. Holgate won the fathers' race and Mrs. Hickman the mothers' race.

For the first time the "Breakspear Shield" was won by Bedivere House who beat Galahad House, winners of the shield for four successive years. The other two houses, Kay and Tristram, tied for third place.

The prizes were presented by Mrs. F. C. Sabin, wife of Mr. Sabin, Divisional Education Officer who was also present.

In the following results the letters in brackets indicate the houses as follows: Bedivere (B), Galahad (G), Kay (K), and Tristram (T). The results are given in order of first, second and third unless otherwise stated.


Boys - 50 yards - P. Caddy (B), Michael Nedved (T), Nicholas Harding (T). 60 years - R. Cumming (B), J. Crook (B), H. Smith (K). 70 years - M. Taylor (G), F. Mott (K), R. Dupee (G). 80 yards - A. West (K), Keith Henderson (B), J. Manger (G).

40 years, sack race, 2nd year - R. Cumming (B), I. Brice-Smith (K), B. Dupee (B); 3rd year - R. Messias (T), R. Dupee (G), C. Cheeseman (B).

Peg race - C. Mott (K), P. Hadfield (K), R. Dunn (G). 6- years hurdles - G. Shaw (G), D. Chillman (T), N. Shelvey (B). High jump - A. Powell (B), D. Allen (K), P. Ranken (B).

Team race - Galahad, Bedivere, Kay.

Girls: 50 yards - C. Jerome (K), M. Holsgrove (B), M. Banfield (K). 60 yards - H. Lake (G), M. Chatten (B), M. Carruthers (B). 70 yards - S. Wishart (G), J. Barnes (K), S. Morris (B). 80 yards - V. Jerome (T), L. Dean (G), S. Hickman (K).

Peg race - C. Wotton (T), A. groves (T), S. Carrein (T). Skipping race - L. Berry (B), J. Richardson (T), M. Chatten (B). Catch the train - S. Wishart (G). J. Chaney (G), H. Sharp (T).

60 yards hurdles - V. Jerome (T), S. Hickman (K), P. Wilson (G). High jump - J. Carden (K), P. Yeo (K), C. Vaisey (T). Team race, Galahad, Kay, Tristram.


Boys: 30 yards: C. Manning, J. Byfield, P. Hickman, 40 yards - M. Corser, P. Mayman, R. Passmore. 40 yards (Group 5) - D. Stevens, R. Furze, N. Tucker. Egg and spoon - P. Moyers, C. Clarke, P. Hickman. Potato - R. Hudson, L. Adams, N. Stephen. Obstacle - A. Poole, R. Furze, W. Farquhar.

Girls: 30 years - M. Morgan, C. Bleasdale, D. West. 40 yards - S. Sole, S. Harber, D. James. 40 yards (Group 5) - M. House, C. Binnie, E. Faraday.

Egg and spoon - M. Morgan, C. Trim, C. West. Potato - H. Manning, T. Banfield, D. James. Obstacle - S. Grove, P. Wishart, S. Barker.