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21st Anniversary

In 1958 The Breakspear School celebrated its first twenty-one years. The Gazette of 11 July 1958 carried the following report:

School's coming of age social
Breakspear Primary School, Ickenham, celebrated its 21st birthday last (Wednesday) night with a gathering of old pupils, former staff and officials of the school.

More the 300 people saw a performance by the present pupils of an operetta, "Gypsy Gay". The cast was dressed in colourful costumes.

Afterwards Mr. F. W. Ward, who has been headmaster of the school since it opened, welcomed his old pupils, and former staff and officials, including Mrs. Elsie Meggeson, a former school governor, and Mr. Chris Warman, Uxbridge Road Safety Officer, who was a pupil at the school.

Ald. S. L. Meggeson gave a talk on old Ickenham in the days before the school was built.

Mr. F. C. Sabin, Divisional Education Officer, who has been in Uxbridge since the school was opened and has been responsible for it since 1948, spoke of the developments in education in this district since the school was opened.

Mr. Warman spoke of his impressions of the school as a pupil just before and during the war.

Later refreshments were served.

To complete the celebrations the school will have two open days for parents of junior pupils next week and next Wednesday pupils will stage "The Slippers of Cinderella," the first play ever produced at the school in 1938.

Gypsy Gay

On 18July 1958 The Gazette carried a photograph of the performance of Gypsy Gay with the following caption:

A scene from the operetta "Gypsy Gay" performed by pupils of Breakspear School, Ickenham, last week to celebrate their school's coming of age. The birthday celebrations were continued this week with open days for parents, and last night (Wednesday) the presentation of " The Slippers of Cinderella," the first play stage at the school in 1938.

Open Day

On 25 July 1958 The Gazette carried a photograph of children preparing for the Open Day with the following caption:

Mrs. B. Whittington, a teacher at Breakspear School, Ickenham, makes up one of the children ready to take part n the traditional dancing which was part of the school's 21st anniversary celebrations.

But when the children went outside they were met by a heavy cloudburst. Later, however, they were able to give their display.

The school's celebrations ended with an open day for parents.


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