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We are committed to the provision of an ambitious, stimulating and broad education for our pupils. We encourage a happy, friendly atmosphere in which the children thrive. With an emphasis on every child developing their abilities to the full, we seek to instil a love of learning, a sense of enquiry and the ability to think for oneself. It is an important aim of ours to support each child in their development of
self-esteem, self- confidence and respect of the needs of others.

Our staff are professional, enthusiastic and dedicated to supporting each child’s needs. They, together with the Governing Body and in partnership with parents, seek to provide the best possible school environment for all our pupils.

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Frequently Asked Questions  1 June 2020


Nursery and Reception meetings for new intake - confirmation of meeting date, start date, change of session.  

A: Further information will be shared with parents after 15th June 2020


Can my child attend school part time during the week?

A: No. The children will already be experiencing a huge amount of change and we feel that adding more change throughout the week can be very disruptive for them. By having the structure of the school day, and a daily routine, will help the children with their mental well-being and all the staff will be working with the children to provide them with much needed stability and provide a caring environment for the children to return to.


If my child is returning, will they be wearing school uniform each day?

A: School uniform will be relaxed, children are not required to wear ties. Grey shorts, white shirts, school summer dresses are all acceptable. These should be washed everyday. This includes Key Workers children.


My child has really missed their friends, will they be able to socialise with them during the day?

A: The Government has said that, throughout the day, the children need to stay within their “bubble”. This means that the children have been split into small groups, with set allocated staff, and it is only within these groups are they allowed limited opportunities to socialise. The teachers and children are not allowed to swap areas of learning or mix with other “bubbles” so that if there is a case of Covid-19, only that “bubble” will need to self-isolate and the number of other people the children come into contact with is very limited; reducing the risk of contamination. 


I’ve seen pictures in the news of squares marked out on the playground where the children are only allowed to play by themselves, alone in that space. Is that what will be happening at Breakspear?

A: No. Although we are putting into place safety measures to reduce the number of people the children are coming into contact with, we are still mindful of the children’s mental well-being and recognise how distressing that would be.  We are staggering break times and lunchtimes to reduce the number of people outside at the same time and each “bubble” will be allocated a zone they can play on supervised by one of their allocated adults. Within this space, the children can play with those within their “bubble”.


I feel that my child responds better to certain members of staff; can I request who will be the adults working with my child?

A: No. Due to the number of children returning to the school, and to much smaller group sizes, we are needing all staff members to be working with the children.


My child normally has interventions and a 1:1 support assistant. Will this still be happening when the children return?

A: Due to government guidance and the small numbers in the classes, 1:1 support will not be able to happen and interventions will not be taking place as before. 


I have to return to work and I have a child who is not in the year groups identified by the government, can my child return too?

A: No. The Government has given very clear guidelines that we are only to allow those in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 & Year 6 places at the school, unless their parents are critical key workers. This is to reduce the possibility of infection spreading; to increase the possibility of social distancing and also because it is not physically possible both in terms of staffing and in terms of space within the school.


I have a child in Y1, they have a sibling in year 4, can they come back as well?

A:  We are not allowed to do this and we are already at full capacity with what we’re already providing.


Can I still bring my child’s scooter or bike to school?

A: Yes, they need to be stored in the bike shed or scooter pods. 


When will I receive my refunds for cancelled trips.

A: We have several refunds to process but at this time we are attempting to reclaim the deposit for the PGL. We will credit the Derbyshire residential to the deposit for next year's IOW trip.  We will credit a proportion of next year's annual trip donation as we did not complete the planned summer term trips. (depending on the number of trips the year group attended)


Childcare Voucher Refunds re Buddies

A: All Year 6 families with credit balances remaining on the Buddies Booking System regardless whether CCV or cash, will receive a cheque for the balance. All other credit balances for pupils remaining at the school will be transferred to the new system.


Log in details for various things.

A: Logins can be provided by the class teacher please send an email  request if the pupil has lost their login .


Free School Meals vouchers 

A: If you are entitled to Free School Meals, not Universal Free Infant School Meals, please email the school office for a form.


I have a question about my 30 hours code for nursery

A: Please email the school office@breakspear.hillingdon.sch.uk


Collecting children early for appointments - usually short notice ie have secured emergency appt at GP/dentist 

A: Children are not able to be collected early from school, so you will need to keep your child at home that day


School visits for prospective parents

A: Access to school is currently restricted. Please email your enquiry to office@breakspear.hillingdon.sch.uk


General in-year admissions queries

A: Waiting lists are held by the Local Authority. They can be contacted on 01895 556644 or visit the Hillingdon Borough website to register for in-year admission. Email the school office, FAO Mrs Stevenson, for any other enquiries. Please visit Admissions on our website for general information on joining Nursery and School.


Registering for Nursery 

A Nursery offers have now been made for September 2020 intake. We expect to be full, however you can email to office@breakspear.hillingdon.sch.uk  to register your interest for our waiting list.  We can also register for those eligible to join after September 2020 intake.  Please visit Admissions on our website for general information on joining Nursery and School.


Late Children

A: Children who are late (after 9.15am) will not be able to attend school that day


Will there be any Open evenings this term

A: There will be no Open Evenings or other opportunities to visit to school until further notice


When will we know about the class for next year?

A: Children and parents will be informed about the classes for next year during the week beginning 13 July


When will my child, who isn’t on the first phase return?

A: When the government guidelines change to make that possible


Can the days or times be staggered  to fit my family's working needs? 

A: Under the current guidelines they cannot

 I’m not sending a child back but I want to speak to the class teacher. 

A: Please email the school office.


When will School Reports be sent home?

A: The children’s annual reports will be sent home the week beginning 13 July 


Is it ok for children to have Hand Sanitizer?

A: Children are permitted to bring a small hand sanitzer which must be clearly labeled with their child’s name 


Is it ok for children to use face masks?

A: Children are not allowed to wear face masks.  


I need to give medicine to school?

A: You can drop off medication to a box located outside the music room please also email or call to confirm you have dropped it off.   


My child needs to have prescribed medication while at school. 

A: Children should not come into school until the course of medicine is completed.


Can children with significant injuries (casts/splints/stitches) return to school?

A: We would be unable to meet the needs of these children under the current guidelines



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