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The History of Our School


Following the First World War, Ickenham, in common with many areas around London, especially those served by the Underground railway system, was subject to housing development.  With this increase in housing Middlesex County Council began to plan for a new school to replace the small school room near the Fox and Geese.  As a result 'The Breakspear School' was built on 4 acres of land which had formerly been a hay field called Big Reddyngs.  The final design, a two storey building planned round a quadrangle with classrooms to the south and west, was opened on Wednesday 19 May 1937.  The formal opening ceremony took place on Thursday 14 October 1937.


In 1970, the school roll having grown considerably and  the building extended several times, the decision was  made to establish separate Infant and Junior Schools ,  though both continuing to occupy the same building.    While initially this was a successful separation,  increasingly there were concerns that the two schools  had moved apart in a number of ways, no longer  ensuring a consistent approach across the primary  years.  In 2011, after consultation with parents and the  Local Authority, the two Governing Bodies agreed to  bring the schools together as a Federation under an  single group of Governors.  For the following two years  the two schools worked closely together on a number of  joint projects.  After further consultation, and with the  approval of the Local Authority, the Breakspear Schools  returned to being a single school in September 2013.