Mr D. Greig

Deputy Headteacher:

Miss E. Woolley

School Business Manager:

Mr F. Saunders 

Assistant Headteachers :

Miss G. Wharton
Mrs A.Grey

Administrative and Finance Officers:

Mrs J. Jessop, Mrs I. Stevenson,
Mrs M. Boxall, Mrs T. Jagroop

Clerk to the Governors: Mrs  N Chamney 

Welfare Officer:

Mrs S. Dewar


School Keeper:

Mr M. Wo┼żniewski



Miss C Pearson Year 6 Miss A Pendred Year 6 Mrs M Austin Year 6
Miss S Headland  Year 5 Miss S MacDonell  Year 5 Miss R Quinn Year 5
Miss N Ali-Khan Year 4 Miss E Beale    Year 4 Ms N Wilson Year 4
Mrs L Mitchell-Gears     Year 3  Mrs S Cox Year 3 Miss R Nevin Year 3
Miss M Collman Year 2 Mrs J Burton   Year 2 Mrs M Sribaskaran Year 2
Miss G Hall   Year 1 Mrs P Dhillon Year 1  Miss C Peters Year 1
Mrs C May Reception   Mrs A Bains Reception  Mrs J Bell   Reception
Nursery Miss V Fribbance-Collins
Mrs A Grey   Access & Inclusion  Co-Ordinator
Mrs S Boothman Cover Teacher Y4/5/6 Mrs S Thompson Cover Teacher Y1/2/3 Miss B Littlefield Cover Teacher YN/R
:Mrs K Shah   On maternity leave: Miss E Wakeman


Education Support Staff:    
Higher Level Teaching Assistants:    Mrs J Davis Mrs D Hallam   Mrs R Duhamel     
Learning Support Staff:
Mrs S O'Donoghue Year 6 Mrs A Bowker Year 5 Miss E Grimshaw Year 4  
Mrs C Carvalho   
Year 3
Mrs V Sheard Year 2 Mrs J Edington Year 2 Mrs V Veloo Year 2
Mrs E Robak Year 1 Mrs R Bryan Year 1 Mrs L Rothwell Year 1
Mrs K Mitchell Reception Mrs T Davis Reception Mrs L Atkinson  Reception
Mrs V Davey-Lee  Nursery       
Special Education Support: Mrs D Gibbons    Mrs S Irving Mrs R Bryan  
Mrs L Jones  Mrs D Josan  Mrs G Satkurunath  
Educational Resources Manager:  

Mrs H Few

Teaching Assistants:
Mrs F Brown Y5/6 Mrs  N Chamney  Y3/4 Mrs Y Moorse Y1/2 Mrs M Milner  YN/R
 Librarian:  Mrs J Burgess            


SMSA Staff:
Mrs T Jagroop SMSA Team Leader  Mrs G  Dallal  SMSA 
Mrs P Baxter Dining Hall Supervisor  Mrs K Mistry  SMSA
Mrs N Boxall Dining Hall Supervisor  Mrs G Murray  SMSA
Miss G Shawcross Dining Hall Supervisor  Miss T Nettle  SMSA
Mrs T McMeekan Nursery SMSA  Mrs E Robak  SMSA
Mrs D Beckett Nursery SMSA & SMSA  Miss H Carrigan  SMSA
Mrs K Vom Hofe SMSA  Mrs L Huddle  SMSA
Mrs S D'Arcy SMSA  Mrs L Rothwell  SMSA
Miss R Brandon  SMSA  Mrs R Hodgkinson  SMSA
Mrs P Hardy  SMSA  Mrs L Bennett SMSA 
Mrs S Inns  SMSA  Mrs Y Moorse  Medical SMSA
Mrs S Hamilton  SMSA  Mrs J Snowden Casual SMSA
Mrs S Langman  SMSA
 Buddies Staff:      
Mrs A Thomson  Manager  Mrs T Connolly  Deputy Manager
Mrs K Mitchell Play Worker  Mrs L Pyett  Play Worker
Miss A Wright  Play Worker  Mrs Y Moorse  Play Worker
Mrs T Mc Meekan  Play Worker